Smart Haven

The owners of Smart Haven got their start in door-to-door sales more than 30 years ago, eventually growing the business they represented into one of the largest alarm/home automation companies in North America. By 2016, they were ready for new opportunities, so Smart Haven partnered with Telus to provide people with the very best in smart home and security technology. While their business model has shifted online, their approach remains focused on making genuine connections with customers, understanding their needs and working hard to exceed their expectations.

How we helped

Designed a dynamic new website to elevate the Smart Haven brand while building credibility and trust associated with the Telus name.
Expanded national brand awareness that would celebrate the voice of its happy customers and empower them to make referrals.
Powered lead generation by split-testing targeted conversion copy and targeting SEO to increase traffic, conversion and sales leads.
Automated nd streamlined lead flows, workflows, lead scoring, lead segmenting.

The Challenge

Smart Haven wanted to elevate its own brand while at the same time promoting the earned trust of their Telus partnership. Their goal was to grow online while maintaining the genuine and high-touch interactions with customers that face-to-face sales had allowed them to nurture.

The Results

Improved the quality of leads coming through the online sales funnel to save time spent on unqualified sales calls.
Doubled conversion rates for online sales and significantly decreased their cost-per-lead.
Quadrupled the size of their online sales team in order to manage the dramatic volume of leads coming in through their website.

Client Perspective

“We had begun the process of refreshing the look and feel of our brand and wanted to build a new website to support that. We knew we’d need our new site to be scalable to support our current and future online marketing efforts. We turned to the AMG team because we knew and trusted their leadership as well as their reputation for innovation and integrity. Not only did AMG build a professional and easy-to-navigate site for us, they designed it in a holistic manner that would support future growth. We also leaned on AMG’s digital marketing services, an organic process that grew steadily and delivered great results over time.

Our partnership with AMG has benefited our sales efforts and helped us grow our vision as a company. We’d highly recommend this team to any business looking for a marketing partner.”

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