It’s not easy to go up against heavy hitters like Google and Microsoft. But Backstage is living proof that passion, excellence and integrity will win the day for small to medium-sized businesses looking for better, more affordable cloud-based services. 100% Canadian-owned, Backstage offers true enterprise cloud performance productivity suites and virtual desktop software. Backstage clients are protected by European fibre optics, Canadian privacy laws and Grizzly-sized firewalls. The company’s high ethical standards also ensure that Backstage will never (ever) harvest, collect or monetize data.

How we helped

Designed a vibrant, tongue-in-cheek new brand and logo to differentiate Backstage from its impersonal, corporate competitors.
Built a website to expand national brand awareness, maintaining its unique brand identity to both validate and humanize the company and its services.
Captured attention and increased lead generation with highly-relatable conversion copy crafted to support an active sales funnel.
Optimized the website with targeted SEO to improve search engine rankings and increase traffic, conversion and sales.

The Challenge

Making your mark in cloud services is pretty intense when your competitors have name recognition that can make smaller IT companies shake in their boots. Not so for Backstage. This dynamic company is already trusted by Atlantic Aerospace & Defence, Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace, Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia and Advanced Energy Management. Building on that success required high-impact branding and marketing materials, a service we were thrilled to provide.

See the Project
in Action

Check out the vibrant, Canada-proud design and functionality of the new Backstage brand by exploring its website. If you’d like to know more, contact us.

How Can We
Help You?

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